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4 reasons why personal Instant Messaging will take over the enterprise

Personal instant messaging platforms have existed since the early days of the internet. Long are the days of ICQ, AOL Messenger, MSN Messengers dominating the market. Since the launch of the iPhone, mobile has transformed our lives and businesses and new crops of instant messaging platforms have overtaken the world. 

Across regions, the biggest messaging platforms are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and Line. Users leverage these platforms to keep in touch with family and friends, but at an increasing rate they use them to interact with businesses. 

At RELE.AI, we believe there are two waves where the instant messaging industry will permeate the enterprise. The first wave is the most obvious use case: customer service and call center operations. We already see significant innovation and competition in this space.

The second is the personal use of these apps to conduct business on behalf of companies. Employees who engage and interact with clients expect a closer relationship that email tends not to offer. Instant messaging provides a conversational and interactive experience. For this reason we believe personal instant messaging will enter the enterprise for the following reasons:

  1. At a rapidly growing rate, companies do not provide mobile devices anymore. Perhaps subsidies for the mobile plan. This means employees carry over their personal phone number which happens to be attached to platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram
  2. Clients do not want other systems. Instant messaging platforms are so ubiquitous they are becoming communication utilities. Why use anything else?
  3. The future of work includes remote and gig economies. Basically making instant messaging an essential tool for employees who shift through different companies. 
  4. With WhatsApp hitting 3.1 billion users by 2024, its reach makes it a no brainer for  companies to adopt as a serious client interaction channel 

At RELE.AI we believe that instant messaging will continue to take a greater share of business communication. Slack and Teams may be great tools, but how many clients actually use them? On the other hand, everyone is using WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc. For this reason we decided to build the technical bridge for employees to interact with company systems like the CRM without ever having to leave their instant messenger. 

Thank you for your interest.