This pandemic not only has put many industries in a bind, it has also accelerated a trend that was bound to grow immensely over the next decade. Not every company can afford it, and some companies are rushed into accepting this new norm. Location independent work is now almost mandatory. It is a matter of survival, and some organisations have been lucky to be able to deploy the necessary tools for business continuity.

Yet this acceleration of remote work did not develop overnight. It has been growing steadily and appeared to be a growing trend over the next decade. And then COVID19 happened, which appears to accelerate remote work by a few years.

We are building RELE.AI to solve a major gap we see in the market. As remote work accelerates and takes hold, employees who are responsible for sales and client relationships don’t have the right tools to do the job effectively. The traditional desktop tools like email, CRM, and voice do not crossover well in the smartphone world. They are mere copycats of their old environments with skinny functionality of their older bloated siblings. What’s changing everything? The rise of instant messaging and how it is permeating traditional industries such as Private Banking, Law, and even Insurance. It brings clients and companies closer while enabling a level of immediacy never seen before.

We’ve learned from our clients that daily business, negotiations, and transactions are occurring more and more through instant messaging. The challenge is that organisations are not setup to allow such communication channel to be compliant. It’s already difficult with voice and email, imagine adding instant messaging? The accumulation of communication channels needs a separate application, one that streamlines processes rather than just explode the amount of data received.

That is what RELE.AI aims to solve. Our platform acts as a digital assistant running always on the background, in the cloud. It tracks all communication between clients and their key contact at the company. Through AI, we enable workflow automation while making the company’s CRM richer, and saving workers significant time. All while allowing end clients to use their instant messaging app of choice.

trends in working from home tools

It is often said that the best time to launch a company is during an economic crisis. RELE.AI is at the crossroads of the crisis and growing trend. A recent NY Times article described how this crisis is shifting behaviour on internet usage. Some are incredibly obvious, but the the real question is how many of them will stick?

As we hunker down and flat the curve, we only wish good health for everyone during these difficult times. We cannot wait to be able to go outside, meet clients in person, and build a better future together.

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