RELE.AI’s service enables employees to use their personal WhatsApp while communicating with customers or suppliers to record the conversations directly in their company’s CRM system. This innovative productivity tool assures that the customer’s data is always up-to-date and that the company’s back-office team is immediately informed about any new requirement of their customers.
Mr. Felipe Moreno the Marketing Manager of H Ujueta SA. a leading colombian construction equipment supplier announced that his company implemented successfully RELE.AI.

‘Since 6 weeks, our sales force can update our company’s CRM in real time, allowing the order processing to start while our sales person is still with the clients. Time saving and the efficiency of our sales force are constantly improving. The immediate benefit for our customers is significant.’

The company offers today native API’s to connect to different CRM systems, incl. Hubspot and Salesforce. Additional direct connections will be launched in the coming months.

RELE.AI CEO and cofounder, Mr. Juan Baron, said today: ‘We are very proud that H Ujueta has chosen our system. Our short-term goal is to enable any instant messenger user to connect to his or her CRM directly from the smartphone. By doing so, no data will be lost, and the CRM will always reflect the real situation with any customer.’

The development team of RELE.AI is based in Israel and is led by the cofounder and CTO Elon Salfati. Elon, an experienced cyber security engineer, is building right now an additional team specializing in machine learning.

The business-oriented management team, with COO Mrs. Ursula Soritch-Renier and CMO Mr. Kurt Infeld are based in Zurich, Switzerland. Both executives have served in senior positions in companies like Nokia and Swisscom. Their strong experience in leading edge technologies with large corporations is crucial for the setup of RELE.AI towards the expansion to international key markets.
Being a SaaS provider, the company plans to launch regular updates to enable its customers a full integration of personal WhatsApp with any back-office system, productivity tool or CRM.
Juan Baron added: “In the coming days, RELE.AI will enter Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other countries in the region. We will expand to Europe and the Middle East very soon.”

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