We are in the news! Check our latest article about instant messaging from the CIO perspective, written by our CMO Kurt Infeld in MoreThanDigital.info

CIOs today are facing a variety of challenges. Evermore employees are using their personal instant messaging accounts for conducting business conversations and transactions. CIOs have two ways to handle the issue, either completely ban it from the enterprise or embracing it and make the best use of the valuable data. A complete ban is not feasible as employees will keep using what they know best and use it every day for their private communication.

Adapting instant messaging to interact with the enterprise systems has many advantages such as increased productivity, quicker workflows, lower cost by avoiding monothematic mobile apps to access the enterprise systems

Fortunately today the technology exists to provide access to enterprise systems via instant messaging in a controlled and secured way.

Read the full article in https://morethandigital.info/en/instant-messaging-platforms-from-the-cio-perspective/

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