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The world has evolved and we have all embraced the dynamics of instant messaging. Instant messengers like WhatsApp are among the most popular of them all among others that make significant parts of our daily lives. 

WhatsApp among others is used by people for personal/private matters likewise business. In our world today, employees now use their smartphones as a means for business transactions and this is where we make a stride.

For employees who communicate with clients or vendors via WhatsApp, RELE.AI ensures that exchanges made are recorded on the company CRM or your incoming email box. 

We make sure that the company and employees do not lose important information when using instant messaging systems for business-related purposes. With RELE.AI, the management and transmission of messages are made easier.

Key features of our platform

Key features of our platform

How does it work?

How does it work

…enjoy the triple power of your CRM assistant

Platforms where RELE.AI functions?

Platforms where RELE.AI functions

Our instant messaging assistant functions well with applications that are both designed for personal and professional purposes. We divide the functionality of our CRM assistant into two as follows:

PurposeCompatible Instant messengers
CompanyAPI’s available for HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook 365. 

Improve the management and credibility of your business with RELE.AI unique CRM assistant

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