How it works

How does it actually work? Remember any questions just ask!

Step 1

Save RELE.AI as a contact!

Step 2

Open the RELE.AI Chat where the messages you wish to save are located.

Step 3

Press and hold a message.
iOS – press forward to select message
Android – select messages you want to save

Step 4

Select the messages and documents you want to save to the CRM

Step 5

Select RELE.AI (saved on Step 1)

Questions? Contact us

Step 6

RELE.AI receives the messages. Wait for her to respond.

Step 7

RELE.AI will ask you to which client do you want to save the data in the CRM

Step 8

You can search for the client by typing the phone number, name, email, or sharing the Contact Card (VCF)

Step 9

For Contact Card, search and select for the contact saved on your phone. Then share it with RELE.AI.

Step 10

RELE.AI will save the data to the CRM

Thank you for your interest.