HubSpot Setup Up Guide


  • RELE.AI account
  • HubSpot account


  • Log into your RELE.AI console
  • On the left side navigation menu, click on integrations (the cog icon)
  • On the right side of the screen choose Hubspot Integration

RELE.AI provides two ways to connect with HubSpot


Connecting HubSpot with the API key will grant access to HubSpot for all of your users.

  1. Choose the API Key option
  2. Follow the instructions to get the API key from HubSpot, or follow the HubSpot documentations
  3. Enter the API key and click Save

Sign in with HubSpot

Connecting HubSpot with “Sign in with HubSpot” will grant access to the individual user.

  1. Choose the “Sign in with HubSpot” option
  2. Click on “Continue With HubSpot”
  1. Grant RELE.AI access in HubSpot

Thank you for your interest.