Instant Messaging

Turn WhatsApp chats into your most powerful CRM data source.

Key Features
Boost Sales & Productivity

Our technology makes it easy to interact and update your CRM without leaving WhatsApp (mobile and desktop).

Boost your sales

RELE.AI links your sales reps conversations with customers in WhatsApp and your CRM.

Leverage Instant Messaging

RELE.AI allows sales reps to upload valuable information exchanged on WhatsApp with customers onto the CRM.

Improve Sales Efficiencies

RELE.AI allows you to retrieve information from your CRM, making data readily available at your fingertips. 

Power up your CRM

Customer relationships are happening outside your CRM!
Extend your CRM to where business happens: instant messengers.

Grab valuable data

Monetize your instant messengers, build loyalty and boost the value of your data. With RELE.AI, your CRM will not miss a chat.

Reduce administrative burden

A 1-click process to upload chat messages with customers into your CRM.

Dov Bar-Gera, Chairman of RELE.AI

Big trends in communication and the role of RELE.AI

Ursula Soritsch-Renier, RELE.AI COO

How RELE.AI revolutionizes how employees help your business capture valuable data.

The business development team at Infomineo strongly believes in meeting clients where they are. Many of our clients prefer to engage over WhatsApp and so do our team members. RELE.AI makes it incredibly easy to document HubSpot and update pipeline opportunities, all without leaving the chat application and skipping the process of using the CRM.

Martin Tronquit

CEO, Infomineo, Dubai

RELE.AI is a paradigm shift from hierarchical to networked systems. Previously customers/volunteers in our organization had to bend to the internal rigid systems – where adoption was a constant fight and low and vital information went missing. With RELE.AI, the organization meets the customer/volunteers on their platform, allowing them to use their environment to feed information back into the company…

CIO, Large volunteer organization, usa

Our sales force can update our company’s CRM in real time, allowing the order processing to start while our sales person is still with the clients. Time saving and the efficiency of our sales force are constantly improving. The immediate benefit for our customers is significant.

Felipe Moreno

Marketing manager, ujueta sa, colombia

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