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Tel Aviv Release
The RELE.AI technical team is constantly working on making it easier for our developer community to use and work with our SDK. Find out our latest innovations in this release note.
Tel Aviv Release
Automation: building better workflows.
Workflows are a vital part of any framework. They are the glue that keeps everything together. Better yet, a good workflow can make you more productive by reducing the number of steps needed to complete a job.

One of the best things about a solid workflow is how well it can streamline processes. Working with workflows and automation can be easier if you know how to define the right one. Today we’re announcing some improvements: we’ve been listening to our developer’s community feedback and have made some tweaks to make it easy to jump between your workflows created in the RELE.AI account.


From now on, you can jump from one workflow to another using the workflow configurations . This means that you can now reuse a workflow without starting from the beginning, make it available for testing, launch it on staging, and, if OK, to your company account.
This feature allows significant reuse of configurations and reduces development and maintenance time

Try it on authentication verification

To verify a given authentication token in the previous version, the developer needed to duplicate the authentication verification operations for each workflow. From now on, the developer can reuse the set operation and continue from there to the next workflow.
Tel Aviv Release
Integration: Development Templates (GitHub).
Jira Integration - showcase a connection to Jira with GKE configurations.
JIRA is a great project management tool and it is widely used in all kinds of teams. However, some teams prefer to directly interact with Jira via WhatsApp. We already have done such integration and made the template available on Github. It is based on the well known GKE configuration.
GKE commands are stateless, environment-agnostic implementations that can be called from anywhere within an on-premises or cloud environment. GKE commands can be used to automate and simplify common tasks, such as deploying, destroying, and updating a cluster.
Tel Aviv Release
Productivity: WhatsApp is not just about messaging.
Imagine you are with a client in a coffee shop, and you need to send him an invoice and forgot your laptop. No problem! Just go to your WhatsApp, search, and share the file from your central systems.

The type of data those media files contain can be very crucial as it could be images, videos, and audio. We’ve developed features that help you provide a convenient way to manage a variety of questions by using standard responses (template messages) which can be tailored to meet specific circumstances of your business.

Extended WhatsApp Integration:

Sending a media file to the user. It’s easy to send files as you won’t need to mess with email attachments anymore. Just drop them a WhatsApp! Assure your user is being able to receive the file securely, all through your phone.

Developers can manage their template messages directly from RELE.AI (only available with a dedicated number for their company)

Quickly and easily create personalized messages for your teams or customers. For example, you can create templates for reminders, purchase information, problem resolutions, or payment details.
Managing template messages is effortless with the SDK.
Click here to find out more about this process.

Sending template messages from a given set of accessible templates.

Either RELE.AI's managed templates (available soon) or dedicated numbers managed templates (supported). With your own managed number you can customize the title, the body, and the actions of your template message.

Managing profile information (only available for dedicated numbers)

Customize the profile picture and the WhatsApp status line for a specific number

Import/Export Users:

How to sign up users to the platform? What if you have hundreds or even thousands of users that you would like to sign up? From now on, platform admins can import and export users via a CSV file. Migrate and upload easily hundreds of your company users in less than 2 minutes from the admin console.
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