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Zurich Release
The RELE.AI technical team is constantly working on making it easier for our developer community to use and work with our SDK. Find out our latest innovations in this release note.

New WhatsApp functionalities

Interacting with our platform is easier than ever! We have released some changes to the basic WhatsApp selection options. Now you can:

  • upload_media – In case you want to send media items to your users, you will need to upload them to RELE.AI first and then use the provided ID as a reference to the media file.
  • send_buttons_message – Button messages are fast actions from which the user can choose. Thus, button messages increase the agility of the answer commands and improve chat performance since the typing error risk is eliminated.


However, these messages are limited to up to 3 buttons per question. Button messages also support a media file as a header for the message. Please view the upload_media action to learn how to upload media files for the header.



  • send_menu_message – Menu buttons or list buttons let the user choose the desired option from a menu of items. Menu buttons support up to 10 items. With this feature, you can increase the user experience and productivity.



  • – This new functionality will allow you to send a VCF contact over WhatsApp to your users. The user will receive a message with the contact information, including their name, phone, emails, addresses, or URLs. The user will then be able to save or directly message this contact.




  • send_location_message – Using this new functionality, you can share location coordinates with your users. The location can be anything from your office location, specific meet-up points, or locations to avoid. When you send a location, the user will be able to open a map on his device and view the area and the pinned location.



Going Serverless with Google Firebase Functions

Jump-start your development with RELE.AI in a serverless environment! We added a new tutorial and template to guide you through the development and deployment of a serverless setup.
  • Tutorial: the tutorial guides you step by step on setting up a serverless environment using Google Firebase Functions, connecting the environment to RELE.AI, and developing a simple to-do application as an application example. You can find the tutorial here: https://docs.rele.ai/tutorials/serverless/gcp-fbf.html
  • Template: you can use the premade template in your development. Run the following command in your terminal:
rb create serverless -t rele-ai/firebase-functions-integration-template#main

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